Week # 2 Message From Jason

Happy Monday #2 Everyone!

Happy Monday to all of you (or Sunday if you are opening this today)

What a great first week we had!  I know you are all working very hard at your sites to get everyone settled in.  I am very proud of all of you for the way you have opened your schools.  I know that some of you will start your Back to School Nights soon.  I will try to make it to as many as I can, but I know you will do a great job welcoming your school community back to school!  If anyone needs help crafting a STAR result discussion for parents, please feel free to call me.


We continue to work on making Aeries the most useful to all of us and continue to discover things that will need to be looked at in terms of what our old system did and what Aeries can do.  In many cases, the same types of reports or request can be taken from Aeries, but it they may not be exactly what we used to have.  This should be expected and we appreciate your patience as we go about finding out what these changes and fixes are.


Elementary principals- I am still looking for volunteers to share a best practice at our September 18th meeting!!! J  Please let me know if you are interested before I start begging!

Badges- please remind your staff to wear their badges at all times.  Schools should also plan a way for volunteers to be easily identified on campus if they are there often.  I know you all remain concerned about student safety, but please be sure that your plan and procedures for checking guest into the office is well communicated with staff and parents.


We will be meeting as joint principals again on September 4th.  We will be talking about your goals for the year.  Please keep the following areas in mind as you begin this planning.

  • Increasing student achievement through Common Core transition.
  • Personal growth goal (refer to the CAPSUL standards)
  • Increase community partnership and parent relations
  • Incorporation of Safe and Civil Schools strategies into your school program. (Champs, DSC, Susan Issacs)
  • Your goals are due to me by the end of September, but at the Sept. 4th joint meeting I will be providing you a template to use in the development of your goals.

Attendance- Please continue to call and track down any students that have yet to return to school.  It is very important that we have accurate numbers by the end of this week.

Common Core in Action

The Ed Services Team is looking for examples from our teachers of great common core instruction.  We know we have excellent teachers out there that are already doing some great things.  Please let your staff’s know that if they are doing a lesson they think is common core like, to invite our TOSA’s to come watch.  We are trying to establish a catalog of experts out there that we can call upon later to help us in our transition to the common core.  Teachers or you can contact Pam Castleman to invite any of us to your campus to watch our great teachers in action!

At the last elementary principal meeting I was asked to share the link where I found the team building activities.  Below are a few links you can use.  Secondary folks you will know about this after Wednesday’s meeting.






I know you may have heard about the tragedy involving a Santa Susana High School employee.  Please keep your colleagues at SSHS, their students, and parents in your thoughts this week.

Important Dates:

August 27th at 9:00am- 10:30am at the SV Police Station a member of each school’s administration must attend a Lock Down training and presentation presented by the SVPD.  Please bring your safety plans with you.

August 28th will be the next Secondary Principal’s meeting at 8am in the Floyd Binns Room.

September 4th will be our next Joint Principal’s meeting at 8am in the Floyd Binns Room.

SPSA Plans are due to me by October 25th.

Safety Plans are due to me by October 25th

Principal Goals are due to me by September 27th and each principal must make an appointment to see me before that date as well.  Please schedule with Laurie Schmidt.  It is also possible that I can come to your school.

Suggestion of the week!

Remind teacher that this is the time of the year when they need to explicitly teach their classroom expectations.  As Dr. Sprick says, “there is no national pencil sharpening policy.”  This simply means that students need to be told if it is okay in each of their rooms what the expecations are of the teacher.  In one room it may be acceptable to get up and sharpen a pencil without asking and in another it may not be.  Remind teachers that students are not mind readers and may assume different practice in their room based on practices of another room.

I hope you have a great week!

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